200 Club is a method of fundraising for RBWF.


The idea behind the 200 Club is we have 200 members each owning a share in the club.

For 10 months of the year there is draw of 2 numbers; these are a first prize and a second prize. In addition every 3 months we have a quarterly prize in addition to the monthly prize.

The ideal scenario is as follows:

  • Sell 200 shares
  • Price per share is £15
  • Value = £3000
  • 10 Prizes of £60
  • 10 Prizes of £30
  • 4 Prizes of £150
  • Total Prize money is £1500

This scenario allows £1500 additional funds for the Federation and £1500 pay out to our members.

If you would like to buy a share (please!) please contact admin@rbwf.org.uk