Congratulations to all those lucky enough to be drawn from the 200 Club hat this year - the complete list of winners is as follows:

Date Prize Winner
Sep-13 Quarterly Prize Isa Hanley
1st prize Ayrshire Association
2nd prize Peter Hughes
Oct-13 1st prize George Letham
2nd prize Robert Stewart
Nov-13 1st prize Roberta Copland
2nd prize Brian Keenan
Dec-13 Quarterly Prize Colin Harris
1st prize Irene Miller
2nd prize Brian Keenan
Jan-14 1st prize Colin Blair
2nd prize Irene Henry
Feb-14 1st prize David Baird
2nd prize Corinne Buivenga
Mar-14 Quarterly Prize Willie Gibson
1st prize James Boyd
2nd prize George Smith
Apr-14 1st prize Padraig O'Baoighill
2nd prize John M Caskie
May-14 1st prize Andrew Tait
2nd prize Annie Small
Jun-14 Quarterly Prize Peter Stuart
1st prize Helen Morrison
2nd prize Jim Henderson