National Schools Competition – Results 2017 (Secondary)

The National Finals for Secondary pupils took place at St Athanasius Primary School, Carluke on Saturday 22nd April 2017. Many thanks to our Schools Competition sponsors Golden Wonder and, also, The Jean Armour Trust, who helped make all this possible.
Once again, a fantastic group of talented youngsters participated on Competition Day. Those in attendance were thoroughly entertained by a fabulous group of pupils competing in the 4 disciplines - Recitation, Singing, Bagpiping and Instrumental. Prizes were available in three age categories: S1-2, S3-4 & S5-6.The results were as follows:

  Young Burnsian  Eryn Rae
 Scottish Borders
 Overall Best Pupil – Secondary
 Verse Speaking  Cameron Kerr  Ayrshire
 Singing  Lucy McCutcheon  Scottish Southern Counties
 Instrumental  Eryn Rae  Scottish Borders
 Bagpiping  Cameron May  Lanarkshire
 Best Team – Secondary
 Verse Speaking  Renfrew & Inverclyde
 Singing  Fife
 Instrumental  Fife
 Bagpiping  Scottish Southern Counties
Overall Best Team – Secondary
 Scottish Southern  Counties
Category Placing Name Region
S1/2 Verse Speaking 1 Lucy Graham Lanarkshire
2 Rebecca Scott Scottish Southern Counties
3 Catriona Murdoch Edinburgh
 S3/4 Verse Speaking 1 Euan Welsh Scottish Borders
2 Sophie Craig Ayrshire
3 Lucy McIntosh Renfrew & Inverclyde
 S5/6 Verse Speaking 1 Cameron Kerr Ayrshire
2 Lynne Mitchell Ayrshire
3 Alana Dunsmore Fife
S1/2 Singing 1 Ellie McConnachie Scottish Southern Counties
2 Eilidh Murray Ayrshire
3 Samantha Todd Renfrew & Inverclyde
 S3/4 Singing 1 Sophie Craig Ayrshire
2 Euan McDonald Renfrew & Inverclyde
3 Orla Jones Fife
 S5/6 Singing 1 Lucy McCutcheon Scottish Southern Counties
2 Blair Ruxton Angus
3 Rachel Carstairs Grampian
S1/2 Instrumental 1 Amy Logan Renfrew & Inverclyde
2 Dodie Simmers Grampian
3 Anna Pearcey Scottish Southern Counties
 S3/4 Instrumental  1  Hannah Wyness  Scottish Borders
 2  Rory Morford  Scottish Southern Counties
 3  Katie Grieve  Fife
 S5/6 Instrumental 1 Eryn Rae Scottish Borders
2 Kirsten Mackay Renfrew & Inverclyde
3 Catherine Reid Fife
S1/2 Bagpiping 1 Cameron May Lanarkshire
2 Jack McGowan Scottish Southern Counties
3 Daniel Stennet Fife
S3/4 Bagpiping 1 John Cumming Fife
2 Connor McBlane Ayrshire
3 Jamie Hiddleston Scottish Southern Counties
S5/6 Bagpiping 1 Lewis Russell West Lothian
2 Dean McCombie West Lothian
3 Lani O'Neil Southern Scottish Counties
 Secondary Art 1 Maddy Drennan Castle Douglas High School
2 Maria Gavilan-Haugen Castle Douglas High School
3 Calum Paterson Castle Douglas High School
 Best Instrumentalist

(Harry McGuffog Cup)

 Eryn Rae  Scottish Borders