Dear Member,

We are now over one hundred days into the lockdown scenario and while it has felt that there was no end in sight, I believe we are heading for that illusive pot at the end of the rainbow.

Our main office in Kilmarnock will be re-opening, clubs will be advising their members of forthcoming events and hopefully, as soon to be past president, I will be able to meet up with you all safely and, if necessary, with social distancing and the many restrictions that have been put in place in order to prevent us falling in the wake of the COVID-19 virus.

It has indeed been a strange experience especially at a time when our annual conference had been planned to take place in September, however, due to its cancellation we will be reporting to you and appointing our new board and committee members electronically.

We now have a ZOOM licence which will allow us to bring the AGM to your computer screen, but for those of you who are not “online” we will make suitable arrangements.

The past few months have been challenging for us all as it is not in our nature to isolate from our family and friends, but when you consider the numbers of relations and colleagues who have succumbed to this dreadful disease we must now realise that the restrictions and precautions we have all had to comply with have been in our best interests.

In the meantime it goes without saying that the stability of the Federation is of prime importance and while we are in a relatively good position, it is important that we do not become complacent. With this in mind, I respectfully ask all of those club secretaries who have not yet submitted their club subscriptions so far this year, to consider doing it soon in order that we can continue to strengthen our financial status.

I urge you all to keep safe and well, comply with the new rules and regulations and recognise the fact that although our liberties are being impinged upon the necessity of  “doing the right thing” has never been more important.

I look forward to the possibility of seeing you in what remains of 2020 and to a new and exciting year in 2021.