At the end of May I had a very useful meeting with President Bob Stewart and Mike Duguid. The first purpose of this was the Board's annual review of the Editor'™s performance and since my duties have concluded for this term it was appropriate to conclude my work on the partworks Chronicle before I plan for my first annual edition.

Moving on from my brief review, we had a lengthy and useful discussion over the expectations and ambitions for the annual. Bob and Mike confirmed the Board'€™s wish that future Chronicles are to have content of the highest order and they hope for an edition of between 100 and 150 pages. There will be a succinct annual resume of the Federation'€™s activity and our Membership will be listed, but not occupying the 50 to 80 pages that was the practice back in the ˜60'€™s and €˜70'™s. I am not altogether daunted by this ambition to assemble, year on year, 100 plus pages of academic material of relevance but cautioned that I may not fully achieve this in this first year's volume as it is not always easy to bring in all the articles which various contributors promise, I just have my work cut out to make all the contacts and keep up with the reminders until the scholars respond with their articles.

I am approaching everyone I know, and through this blog and other similar media reaching out to enthusiasts and scholars everywhere to consider writing up their particular Burns interests, researches and enthusiasms for the enjoyment of our wider membership.

I propose to enlist the help of two or three recognised academics to review potential articles with me; President Bob and Mike agreed that this would be the way to progress to broaden the field of contribution of high quality articles. I have a number of articles promised for the Chronicle, I am constantly in pursuit of other material and I am sure the Board'™s aspiration for a volume of articles of the highest quality will be achieved.

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