BEHOLD the hour, the boat arrive;
Thou goest, the darling of my heart;
Severed from thee, can I survive,
But Fate has willed--------and we must part. Frae thee wham I hae lov’d sae weel
I'll often greet this surging swell, Endless and deep shall be my grief,
Yon distant Isle will often hail: Nae ray o’ comfort shall I see,
"E'en here, I took the last farewell; But this most precious, dear belief!
There, latest marked her vanished sail." That thou wilt still remember me.

Along the solitary shore,
While flitting sea-fowl round me cry,
Across the rolling, dashing roar
I'll west-ward turn my wistful eye:
Happy, thou Indian grove, I'll say,
Where now my Nancy's path may be!
While through thy sweets she loves to stray,
O tell me, does she muse on me!