Letter to all Clubs from:
Southern Scottish Counties Burns Association
President: Mr David Miller


Dear Secretary

Bringing Burns Back to the Brow Well
Solway Firth Partnership Project 2015 /2016

Further to the discussion at the SSCBA meeting held in Gatehouse on 28th March 2015 I refer to the above project and offer an update on the current situation.

Solway Firth Partnership (SFP) have so far gathered funds from various sources , D&G Council, Solway Heritage, Burns Clubs locally, Community based groups and are in the process of applying to the National Lottery Heritage Fund among others for further funding.
They are still short on the £40,000 proposed for the full and complete project to happen, however they are confident that a project will take place on the timescale listed, in the attached document, although it may have to be slightly reduced if funds do not reach the £40,000 mark.

On behalf of SFP I would ask if Clubs can consider offering a donation towards the project, it is an agenda item at the SSCBA AGM on Saturday 23rd May that SSCBA will also consider a donation to the fund.

Any donations can be forwarded either to myself and I will pass on to SFP or they can be sent direct to Clair McFarlan at the address listed below. I am aware that some clubs have already forwarded donations which is much appreciated by SFP.
I have also forwarded the details of the other groups and organisations that were mentioned in our discussion at Gatehouse, Clair has been in touch with them.
The Brow Well is very much an integral part of the Burns folk lore and although we are always indebted to D&G Council who clean and up keep the place tidy on a regular basis, and always for our annual commemorative service, the idea that the area could be properly drained etc and restored to resemble the times when Burns bathed at the Well is an opportunity we as Burnsians should not pass on.

I trust your club will look favourably at offering a donation to the project.
I have attached to the e mail a copy of the project proposals as laid out by SFP.
There will be a site meeting prior to commencement of any project, of which SSCBA will actively be involved in hearing at first hand the full and final proposals.
Please do not hesitate to contact me if you require any further information regarding the proposed project.

Clair McFarlan’s contact details are listed.

Kind regards

John M Caskie
Secretary SSCBA
16 Knowehead Road

Clair McFarlan,
Partnership Manager,
Solway Firth Partnership,
The Crichton,
Bankend Road,