I MAUN hae a wife, whatsoe'er she be;
An she be a woman, that 's eneugh for me.

Buy broom besoms! Wha will buy them now;
Fine heather ringers, better never grew.

If that she be bony, I shall think her right:
If that she be ugly, where 's the odds at night?
Buy broom &c.

O, an she be young, how happy shall I be!
If that she be auld, the sooner she will die.
Buy broom &c.

If that she be fruitfu', O! what a joy is there!
If she should be barren, less will be my care.
Buy broom &c.

If she like a drappie, she and I'll agree;
If she dinna like it, there 's the mair for me.
Buy broom &c.

Be she green or gray; be she black or fair;
Let her be a woman, I shall seek nae mair.
Buy broom &c.

YOUNG and souple was I, when I lap the dyke;
Now I'm auld and frail, I douna step a syke.
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Young and souple was I, when at Lautherslack,
Now I'm auld and frail, and lie at Nansie's back.
Buy broom &c.

Had she gien me butter, when she gae me bread,
I wad looked baulder, wi' my beld head
Buy broom &c.