'Twas on a monday morning,
Right early in the year,
That Charlie cam to our town,
The young Chevalier.---

An' Charlie, he's my darling, my darling, my darling,
Charlie, he's my darling, the young Chevalier.--------

As he was walking up the street,
The city for to view,
O there he spied a bonie lass
The window looking thro’.----
An' Charlie &c.

Sae light 's he jumped up the stair,
And tirl'd at the pin;
And wha sae ready as hersel
To let the laddie in.----
An' Charlie &c.

He set his Jenny on his knee,
All in his Highland dress;
For brawly weel he ken'd the way
To please a bonie lass.--------
An' Charlie &c.

Its up yon hethery mountain,
And down yon scroggy glen,
We daur na gang a milking,
For Charlie and his men.------
An' Charlie &c.