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Alloway Burns Club have been compiling videos of Club activities for a while now and we felt it would be a good idea to link to their YouTube channel so you might also view their activities. Go to this link : https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC3ei-N_kdD93wBfoqsXOCpQ/videos

New Cumnock Burns Club, a sub group of the aforementioned Club calling themselves ’Burns Club Blethers’ have been meeting 3 times a week, via Zoom, since the end of March.

These evenings have included quizzes, poetry readings, analysis of poems and ‘show and tell’- type topic nights. They have also had on-line Burns Suppers and Scots Verse Nights (Sangs and Clatter). One of their members, Bobby Jess, was inspired to broadcast Daily Poetry Readings via Facebook and Youtube (which he sustained without a break for 3 months!).

In discussing other options for Zoom they developed the idea of a Video Podcast which would allow Burnsians to get to know the personalities behind cronies that they had seen speaking, reading or singing at Suppers, conferences and other Burns events.

They also hope that it will provide a bit of an oral history for future generations. It has been very well received, so they intend to continue to record and broadcast them, so long as cronies come forward as willing volunteers. They normally publish a new episode around 12 noon on a Sunday.

Episode 13 - Henry Cairneyhttps://youtu.be/mP6eyNV0x5o

Episode 12 - Hugh Farrell - Part 2 https://youtu.be/79LNCPHStVU

Episode 11 - John Morran https://youtu.be/xvxP-slIUo8

Episode 10 - Angus Middleton https://youtu.be/feDqKvsaxQA

Episode 9 - Hugh Farrell  https://youtu.be/pXXKsGX2Hx0

Episode 8 - Jane Brown  https://youtu.be/U2HWYF2eOIE

Episode 7 - Tracy Harvey https://youtu.be/fIhnMn3LYGw

Episode 6 - Jimmy Law   https://youtu.be/DyXVuMGcn0Y

Episode 5 - Stephen Hastie  https://youtu.be/VaxpFNO0zLU

Episode 4 - Billy Hastie  https://youtu.be/YpFVpqdq_bs

Episode 3 - Willie Waugh   https://youtu.be/qpkiyRT5H-4

Episode 2 - Graham Wight  https://youtu.be/N1J5np4ZksY

Episode 1 - Bobby Jess   https://youtu.be/h3rZvlfGWUw

Lament for a Scupper’d AGM

How the world’s oldest Burns Club was nearly thwarted by a microscopic virus

When Rab turn’d ower the mousie’s nest

That dark November day

His thoughts went tae the rodent’s life

And whaur its future lay

The mousie’s fate look’d very bleak

Oor Bardie was upset

He saw the part that he had play’d

And what micht happen yet

He also took the mousie’s plight

Compar’d it to himsel’

And how mankind was much worse aff

In ways that he could tell

An’ forward tho’ I canna see

Was what he said back then

He guess’d and fear’d aboot oor plight

Tho’ it beyond his ken

He couldnae hae seen the human race

Brought firmly to its knees

By a sleekit’, cowerin’ Chinese bat

And its relentless disease

Is this revenge for Rabbie’s mouse,

Or just a quirk o’ fate?

The question noo across the land

Did we react too late?

The smartest scientific minds

Are lookin’ for a cure

For this disease has nae respect

If ye be rich or poor

The sadness spreads across the world

As death rates rise and soar

Lockdown reigns throughout oor land

Social gatherings are no more

And serious tho’ this a’ may be

Bemoan’d by mice and men

It’s gone it’s dinger noo and scupper’d

The Mother Club’s AGM!

The Committee members were aghast

This surely cannae be?

We hae tae meet, it’s in the rules

But how, we couldnae see!

Technology just won the day

 “Keep safe” oor battle cry

An Electronic AGM

And The Mother Club gets by

Ev’n Rabbie couldnae hae seen this come

When he wrote in yesteryear

An’ forward tho’ ah canna see

Ah guess and fear

Wi’ God’s guid grace we’ll a’ get through

This crisis, safe and well

And hae a Toast at the Mother Club -

But when?  Ah, wha can tell?

Iain White

Junior Vice President

Greenock Burns Club