International Schools Competitions

This year’s subject is:
"The Rights of Woman merit some attention"

We welcome entries from schools in all interested countries. If your country is not listed, please contact our International Co-ordinator, Mrs Isa Hanley, for details on how to enter.

Deadline for entries: 30th November 2016.
Please submit entries to: Jim Millar at

Russia - Further information available in attached document - SPF Schools competitions 2015
Art Competition:
Deadline for entries: 30th November 2015
Please submit entries to: The Association for International Cooperation, 60 Liteiny Prospect, St Petersburg.

Knowledge of Scotland Competition:
Deadline for entries: January 2016

Essay Competition:
Deadline for entries: to be advised
Please submit entries to: Elizabeth Clark at

Please submit entries to: Hanna Dyka at by mid-January 2016

Patricia Leslie
Convener, Schools Committee
Tel: 01355 235189