[A] On seeing the beautiful country-seat of lord G
WHAt dost thou in that mansion fair,
Flit, Galloway! and find
Some narrow, dirty, dungeon cave,
The picture of thy mind.

[B] On the same nobleman
NO Stewart art thou, Galloway,
The Stewarts all were brave:
Besides, the Stewarts were but fools,
Not one of them a knave.

[C] on the same
BRIGHT ran thy Line, O Galloway,
Thro' many a far-fam'd sire:
So ran the far-fam’d ROMAN WAY,
So ended in a MIRE.

[D] To the same, on the Author being threatened with his resentment
Spare me thy vengeance, Galloway,
In quiet let me live:
I ask no kindness at thy hand,
For thou hast none to give.