On the occasion of the anniversary of the birth of Robert Burns on the 25th January 1759, I am very pleased to offer fraternal greetings from myself and the Directors on the Board of the Robert Burns World Federation.

Every year Burnsians across the globe gather wherever possible to share a simple meal and to offer Toasts to the incredible talent of Caledonia’s Bard, Robert Burns, who over time has become an international superstar. A poet, a song writer and a letter writer, a humanitarian and a freedom fighter, a lover, friend and family member of the whole human race.

Members, Clubs and Associations, Caledonian Societies, St Andrew’s Clubs and the Scottish diaspora join with all humanity to celebrate his worth as a man and an inspiration to all.

He is the immortal poet whose memory we cherish and whose sentiments we expound “that man to man the world o’er, shall brothers be for a’ that.”

Thank you.

View the video https://youtu.be/6ftVADO_QB8