Friendship Tiles

The Robert Burns World Federation wants to raise funds to secure and develop a range of services within our Kilmarnock Headquarters, and as part of our Outreach and Education programmes.

One opportunity to contribute is the sale of ‘Friendship Tiles' - these are ceramic tiles which can be purchased for a Club, Association or an Individual. This is also a great way to commemorate someone or something of note.

The tiles are on display at our Kilmarnock Headquarters, see picture below:

The text on the tile is chosen by the purchaser (there is a limit of 16 characters in each of 3 lines).  Each tile costs £30.

There is an additional charge for postage to anyone wishing the tile to be sent to themselves rather than displayed.  Each tile will be decorated with a silhouette of Robert Burns in profile.

Order forms can be obtained from Kilmarnock Headquarters or follow the link below:

Friendship Tile Form