Halton Peel Burns Club – Canada

Over these past years, under the leadership of our Club Presidents Chrys Ballantyne and Alan McKenzie, the Halton Peel Burns Club in Oakville, Ontario, has been building a catalogue of multimedia presentations on a wide range of topics related to Robert Burns and things Scottish.  

This has grown into quite a significant body of work and one that the executive committee and members of the club would like to offer and share with other Burns Clubs and interested Burnsians around the world.

The majority of the presentations are in PowerPoint format and most have a script to accompany each presentation. However, for those unaccustomed to PowerPoint, the presentations can also be sent in PDF format.   The only disadvantage of PDF is that the presentation slides lose their animation features but other than that the content is the same.

These presentations took many hours to produce and, in addition, have involved hundreds of research hours to compile the stories and information related to each topic. Some of this work is of course a process of compiling information that is already in the public domain or on the internet but other information has been put together by the members through their years of study, personal research and interest in different aspects of Burns life and works.

From Dr. David Murray we have a number of presentations related to Burns and the Medical profession, Burns and Germany, Burns and Mrs. Dunlop. Ron Ballantyne has produced presentations on Burns Tours and Burns Monuments. Alan McKenzie took on Burns and the French Revolution, Bob Ritchie produced several presentations on a wide range of subject matter and Ronnie O’Byrne produced an eclectic choice from Burns and Ireland to Burns and the Scots Musical Museum to Burns and Abraham Lincoln.

Several of these presentations have also been presented at RBANA Conferences in the past few years including “Burns World” (as presented by Scott Reid from The Robert Burns Society of Kilmarnock-Canada).

Other club members including Jim Cunningham, Jean Cunningham, Una Murray, Pierre Arnold, Vincent Leahy, Chrys Ballantyne, David Campbell, Jim Steel, Maggie McEwan, Roy Cummings, Harry Ferguson and Jim Reston added additional presentations – full list below.

As well as putting together these topic presentations the members of Halton Peel have produced short background presentations and analysis on a number of Burns poetry and musical pieces. Again these are listed below.

The Halton Peel Burns Club would be delighted to share these presentations with any Burns Clubs and interested Burnsians around the world.

For additional information on accessing this information please contact Ronnie O’Byrne who is               co-ordinating this activity on behalf on the Halton Peel Burns Club. Ronnie can be contacted at canadiandirector@rbwf.org.uk

Topic Presentations

Bannockburn and Scots Wha Hae - The story of Bannockburn and Scots Wha Hae

As Presented at RBANA conference 2010 – Dr. David Murray

Burns Border Tour - Details on Burns Border Tour

Burns and Edinburgh - Burns in Edinburgh – people, places and connections

Burns and Germany - Burns German connections

As Presented at RBANA conference 2013 – Dr. David Murray

Burns and the Medical Profession (Part I) - Burns Medical Connections

Burns and the Medical Profession (Part II) - Burns - what caused his death?

Burns and The Twa DOCS - Dr. Maxwell & Dr. Currie

Burns and Religion - A look at Burns & Religion

Burns and Abraham Lincoln - Connections between Burns and Lincoln

As Presented at RBANA Conference 2012 – Ronnie O’Byrne

Burns Bairns - Burns Children

Burns Descendants - A deeper look at Burns Descendants

Burns Excise & Whisky - Burns in the Excise and the Whisky Trade

The Burns Exhibition 1896 - Information on the 1896 Burns Exhibition

Burns Galloway Tour - Details on Burns Galloway Tour

Burns Irish Connections - A look at Burns connections with Ireland

Burns Life and Society - Burns and the late 18th century

Burns Music - Burns musical legacy

Burns Scotland - Scotland & the World during Burns life

As Presented at RBANA Conference 2010 by Scott Reid

The Covenanters - Burns and the Covenanters

William Creech - Burns and Creech

Burns Portrait & Carving by Jim Steel - Burns Portraits & the carving produced by Jim Steel

Dundas Family - Dundas Family history   

Burns and the French Revolution - An analysis and look at Burns and the French Revolution

As presented at RBANA Conference 2010 by Alan McKenzie

William McGonagall - Ah! The Silvery Tay!

Seamus Heaney - Seamus Heaney on Robert Burns

Highland Mary - The story and myths behind Highland Mary

Highland Tour - Details of Burns Highland Tour

James Hogg - The Ettrick Shepherd

Jean Armour - Burns and Jean Armour

John S Clarke - The story behind John S Clarke – 12th President RBWF

The Jolly Beggars - The story and everything to do with “Love & Liberty”

The Lowland Clearances - The story of the Lowland Clearances

Burns and Maria Riddell - Marie Riddell’s view on Burns

Burns Monuments (Part I) - Ron Ballantyne’s research on Burns monuments

Burns Monuments (Part II) - Updated information on Statues and Monuments

Burns and Mrs. Dunlop - Burns and his relationship with Mrs. Dunlop of Dunlop

Burns and the Rev. John McMath - The Epistle and background info on Rev. John McMath

Burns and Robert Service - The connections between Burns and Robert Service

The Real Sam McGee - Follow up presentation on the Robert Service poem.

The Scots Language Debate - A Club debate on Burns use of Scots and English

The Scottish Parliament Debate - Re-enactment of S1M-1506 in the Scottish Parliament

James Johnson & George Thomson - Analysis of the SMM – James Johnson & Grg. Thomson

                As Presented at RBANA Conference 2013 – by Nils Brown & Ronnie O’Byrne

Lady Nairne - The music and poetry of Lady Nairne

The Scottish Album - A presentation The Scottish Album

Thomas Muir of Huntershill - The Thomas Muir story

Thomas the Rhymer - The story of Thomas of Ercildoune

The Forth Bridge - Jean & Jim Cunningham’s look at this iconic bridge

The Muckin’ o’ Geordies Byre - Pierre Arnold’s review of this old piece of Scots music

The Bruce & Scots Wha Hae - Short presentation on The Bruce and Scots Wha Hae

The Cutty Sark & Nannie - The Witch and The Clipper connections

Burns Muse Coila - A short presentation on the new Coila Statue in Ayr                                

Poems & Song Analysis

Adown Winding Nith

Awa Whigs Awa

Bonnie Wee Thing

Craigiburn Wood

Death and Dr. Hornbook

Epistle to a Young Friend


Holy Willie’s Prayer

I Maun Hae a Wife

It was a for Our Rightfu’ King

John Barleycorn

O Kenmure on and awa

Silver Tassie

Sir John Cope

Sir John Cope – Two song versions

Tam o’Shanter

The Campbell’s are Comin’

The Holy Fair

The Twa Dogs

To a Mouse

Up and Warn A Willie

Thou Gloomy December

The Cotter’s Saturday Night (Abbreviated)

Address to Edinburgh (Abbreviated)