Learning Resources


In support of the Scottish Government's objectives to make Scottish culture, language and history more readily accessed by all communities, we aim to develop a range of resources to suit these needs.

We'd be delighted to have feedback. This can be directed to either our Education Convenor, our Literature Convenor or indeed our Headquarters staff at 3a John Dickie Street, Kilmarnock, Ayrshire, Scotland KA1 1HW.

Below is a wide range of resources from our archives. Please feel free to peruse these resources, and develop them as needs be.

Early Learning Packs

Pre & early Primary Packs 1 - Colouring in sheets

Pre & early Primary Packs 2 - Poems to go with colouring in sheets

Juniors 7+ Pack - Middle School Activity Pack

Note to educators : If you would like to suggest improvements of the above packs please send your comments and suggestions to admin@rbwf.org.uk

Burns Life & Times

Burns€™ Works

Craft & Design


Crosswords & Puzzles