Bob Stewart - RBWF President 2013/13
Bob Stewart - RBWF President 2012/13
President: Bob Stewart

My first act in my tenure as your new President must be to express my thanks and highest regards to our Immediate Past-President, Jim Shields, to the Board of Directors, to the members of the Executive Committees and, to our C.E.O. Alison C. Tait for all the support and guidance I have received from them during my recent periods of service as J.V.P. and S.V.P.
At all Board and Executive Meetings, I was truly impressed by the professionalism and dedication of the people mentioned and, above all, their commitment to the on-going business of the Robert Burns World Federation.
There is a saying - "that it'€™s better to be lucky than good". In this respect, I consider myself very lucky to be your President and I can only say what an extraordinary honour and humbling privilege it is to serve you in this role.
The R.B.W.F. must be seen as an outward looking and progressive organisation for all Burnsians, and other people, around the world. In this, as President, I consider and believe my main duties and aims to be threefold and I will grasp every opportunity to achieve these:
Firstly, to enhance and publicise the benefits of membership and so raise the profile and increase the world wide membership of the Federation;
Secondly, to improve the way in which we engage and communicate with our members around the UK and the world;
And last, but by no means the least, to continue to support the endeavours of the Board and C.E.O. Alison with, as required, advice from Shirley Bell, to get our organisation onto a sound and enduring financial footing.
It should be noted that, in this latter context, and in the current economic situation of the Federation, an increase in the annual subscriptions (though regretted, is likely to be unavoidable) may well have to be addressed, as was mooted at the recent A.G.M. held at the Conference in Harrogate.
It really doesn't need saying but I'€™ll say it anyway, that all of us are glad of the contributions and support our Editor- Bill Dawson, and Webmaster- Cameron Goodall, make towards the above three aims which I have stated.
May I take this opportunity to thank all of you for the kind messages of support, congratulatory cards and good wishes received at Conference and later by post. It was indeed heart-warming to receive these and makes one proud to be a member of the Burnsian family.
From my perspective, the President must serve as an ambassador and, as such, my talents (what I have of them!) and my time, are there for engagement.
Robert W.M. Stewart