O PHILLY, happy be that day
When roving through the gather’d hay,
My youthfu’ heart was stown away,
And by thy charms, my Philly.--------

O Willy, ay I bless the grove
Where first I own’d my maiden love,
Whilst thou did pledge the Powers above
To be my ain dear Willy.--------

As Songsters of the early year
Are ilka day mair sweet to hear,
So ilka day to me mair dear
And charming is my Philly.--------

As on the brier the budding rose
Still richer breathes and fairer blows,
So in my tender bosom grows
The love I bear my Willy.--------

The milder sun and bluer sky
That crown my harvest cares wi’ joy,
Were ne’er sae welcome to my eye
As is the sight o’ Philly.--------

The little swallow’s wanton wing,
Tho’ wafting o’er the flowery Spring,
Did ne’er to me sic tidings bring,
As meeting o my Willy.--------

The bee that thro the sunny hour
Sips nectar in the opening flower,
Compar’d wi my delight is poor,
Upon the lips o’ Philly.--------

The woodbine in the dewy weet
When evening shades in silence meet,
Is nocht sae fragrant or sae sweet
As is a kiss o’ Willy.----

Let Fortune’s wheel at random run;
And Fools may tyne, and Knaves may win;
My thoughts are a’ bound up on ane,
And that ‘s my ain dear Philly.--------

What ‘s a the joys that gowd can gie?
I care na wealth a single flie;
The lad I love ‘s the lad for me,
And that ‘s my ain dear Willy.--------