RBWF - 2019 National Festival for Primary Schools.

The National Finals for Primary pupils took place at Irvine Royal Academy, Irvine, on Saturday 11th May 2019. Many thanks to our Schools Competition sponsors Golden Wonder and, also, The Jean Armour Trust, who helped make all this possible.
Once again, a fantastic group of talented youngsters participated on Competition Day. Those in attendance were thoroughly entertained by a fabulous group of pupils competing in the 4 disciplines - Recitation, Singing, Instrumental and Bagpiping. Prizes were available in two age categories: P4-5 & P6-7 . The results were as follows:

Junior Burnsian Sonia Zhang
Trophy Winners – Primary
Verse Speaking P4/5 - Moira Dunsmuir Trophy Olivia Edmiston Philp West Lothian
Verse Speaking P6/7 - Anne Gaw Quaich Logan Reynolds Fife
Singing P4/5 - Isa Hanley Trophy Mirren Gilmour Renfrewshire
Singing P6/7 - Trades Construction London Trophy Landi Weng Glasgow
Instrumental P4/5 - RBWF Cup Shionka Kamikaji-Inkster Edinburgh
Instrumental P6/7 - Dundee Quaich Sonia Zhang Aberdeen
Bagpiping P 4-7 - RBWF Cup Angus Campbell Le Guennec Borders
Best Team Trophy Winners – Primary
Team Verse Speaking - Shirley Bell Trophy Ayrshire
Team Singing - Tom McIlwraith Trophy Edinburgh
Team Instrumental - McEwan Shield Edinburgh
Team Bagpiping - John & Betty McMillan Shield Borders
Best Overall Team
Category Placing Name Region
P 4/5 Verse Speaking 1 Olivia Edmiston Philp West Lothian
2 Sophie Alaoubda Ayrshire
3 Gregor McTeir Dumfries
P 6/7 Verse Speaking 1 Logan Reynolds Fife
2 Ella McTeir Dumfries
3 Daniel Mills Ayrshire
P 4/5 Singing 1 Mirren Gilmour Renfrewshire
2 Sarah Campbell Glasgow
3 John Gill Edinburgh
P 6/7 Singing 1 Landi Weng Glasgow
2 Olive Bailey Edinburgh
3 Lucy Gallacher Dumfries
P 4/5 Instrumental 1 Shionka Kamikaji-Inkster Edinburgh
2 Jake Reynolds Fife
3 Carla Culross Dumfries
P 6/7 Instrumental 1 Sonia Zhang Aberdeen
2 Maya Khaund Marshall Glasgow
3 Kirsty Simmers Moray
P 4-7 Bagpiping 1 Angus Campbell Le Guennec Borders
2 Craig Mitchell Aberdeen
3 Bethan Cubbon Dumfries
ASN Art 1 Aythan Morrison South Lanarkshire
2 Brooke Menzies South Lanarkshire
3 Kayla McCrory Dumfries
Primary Art 1 Seren Murray Aberdeenshire
2 Ami-Jay McQuiston South Ayrshire
3 Molly Nelson North Lanarkshire