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National Schools Competition – Results 2019 (Secondary)

The National Finals for Secondary pupils took place at Irvine Royal Academy, Irvine on Saturday 23rd March 2019. Many thanks to our Schools Competition sponsors Golden Wonder and, also, The Jean Armour Trust, who helped make all this possible.
Once again, a fantastic group of talented youngsters participated on Competition Day. Those in attendance were thoroughly entertained by a fabulous group of pupils competing in the 4 disciplines - Recitation, Singing, Bagpiping and Instrumental. Prizes were available in three age categories: S1-2, S3-4 & S5-6.The results were as follows:

Young Burnsian Liam Kearney
Trophy Winners – Secondary
Verse Speaking S1/2 Friendship Quaich Liam Kearney Glasgow
Verse Speaking S3/4  McCuig Cup Lois Geddes Dumfries and Galloway
Verse Speaking S5/6 Molly Rennie Cup Emily Kennedy Dumfries and Galloway
Singing S1/2 Scottish Borders Crystal Rose Byers Dumfries and Galloway
Singing S3/4 Campbell Trophy Emily McLatchie Dumfries and Galloway
Singing S5/6 Alloway Publishing Trophy Sophie Bysouth RABC
Instrumental S1/2 Friendship Quaich Kory Buckingham Aberdeen
Instrumental S3/4 Lochee Cup - Frank Laird Trophy Anna Pearcey Dumfries and Galloway
Instrumental S5/6 BF Esso Cup Alan Hunter RABC
Bagpiping S1/2 Anne Gaw Cup Finlay Peden West Lothian
Bagpiping S3/4 The Dalziel Cup Ewan Thomson West Lothian
Bagpiping S5/6 The Skilling Trophy Paul Sproat Ayrshire
Best Team Trophy Winners – Secondary
Team Verse Speaking - RBWF David Baird Shield Wallace Hall Academy Dumfries and Galloway
Team Singing - Sheffield (Steel City Cup) Lockerbie Academy Dumfries and Galloway
Team Instrumental - RBWF Shield St. Joseph's Academy Dumfries and Galloway
Team Bagpiping - John & Betty McMillan Shield Garnock Community Campus Ayrshire
Best Overall Team - Ayrshire ABC Shield
  Dumfries and Galloway
Category Placing Name Region
S1/2 Verse Speaking 1 Liam Kearney Glasgow
2 Rowan Hastie Dumfries and Galloway
3 Angie Leitch Ayrshire
S3/4 Verse Speaking 1 Lois Geddes Dumfries and Galloway
2 Catriona Murdoch Edinburgh
3 Star Murdy Dumfries and Galloway
S5/6 Verse Speaking 1 Emily Kennedy Dumfries and Galloway
2 Troy Barbour Dumfries and Galloway
S1/2 Singing 1 Rose Byers Dumfries and Galloway
2 Taylor Nelson Dumfries and Galloway
3 Aaron Kelly RABC
S3/4 Singing 1 Emily McLatchie Dumfries and Galloway
2 Rory McIver Aberdeen
3 Abbie Mochrie Glasgow
S5/6 Singing 1 Sophie Bysouth RABC
2 Rachel Lawson Ayrshire
3 Orla Jones Fife
S1/2 Instrumental 1 Kory Buckingham Aberdeen
2 Charlotte Slater Aberdeen
3 Cassie Findlay Moray
S3/4 Instrumental 1 Anna Pearcey Dumfries and Galloway
2 Heather Rodger Tayside
3 Holly Bartlett Fife
S5/6 Instrumental 1 Alan Hunter RABC
2 Reece O'Hanlon Ayrshire
3 Aisling Anderson Dumfries and Galloway
S1/2 Bagpiping 1 Finlay Peden West Lothian
2 Cassie Findlay Moray
3 Thomas McFarlane Dumfries and Galloway
S3/4 Bagpiping 1 Ewan Thomson West Lothian
2 Owen Dougan Dumfries and Galloway
3 Cameron May LABC
S5/6 Bagpiping 1 Paul Sproat Ayrshire
Secondary Art 1 Lily Winther Stirling
2 Aaron Caulfield Renfrewshire
3 Leon Evangelista Renfrewshire