AN O for ane and twenty Tam!
An hey, sweet ane and twenty, Tam!
I'll learn my kin a rattlin sang,
An I saw ane and twenty, Tam.

They snool me sair, and haud me down,
And gar me look like bluntie, Tam;
But three short years will soon wheel roun',
And then comes ane and twenty, Tam.
An O, for &c.

A glieb o' lan', a claut o' gear,
Was left me by my Auntie, Tam;
At kith or kin I need na spier,
An I saw ane an' twenty, Tam.
An O, for &c.

They'll hae me wed a wealthy coof,
Tho' I mysel hae plenty, Tam;
But hearst thou laddie, there 's my loof,
I 'm thine at ane an' twenty, Tam!
An O, for &c.