School Competition Sponsors

We're delighted to announce that our sponsor for the RBWF school competitions continues to be that wonderful Scottish institution, Tunnocks. You know how sometimes things just instinctively feel right? Tunnock's sponsorship was one of these moments. They have almost exactly the same comfortable relationship with Scotland enjoyed by the Robert Burns World Federation. It's a family feel. You don't think about Tunnock's; it's just always there. And no Scottish larder cupboard can be considered stocked until there's a box of Caramel Wafers, Tea Cakes, Snowballs or Caramel Logs on the shelf.

This winning formula was initiated by Thomas Tunnock in 1890, after he paid £80 for a shop in Uddingston. Under the guidance of Thomas (and later his son, Archie), Tunnock's operated only as bakers and purveyors of quality flour confectionery until the 1950s. This decade saw the emergence of Tunnock's much loved specialty items. Consequently, business boomed and factory extensions followed, the latest as recent as 2002.

We were delighted that Tunnock's were our schools sponsor for 2012 - 2014 and we are pleased to confirm they are on board again for 2015 & 2016. A huge thank you to Tunnock's for their continued support - it is very much appreciated.

JABT-imageSupport has also been received for 2015 from The Jean Armour Burns Trust.

The Jean Armour Burns Trust in conjunction with The Glasgow and District Burns Association are pleased to be sponsors of the RBWF Schools Competition in Glasgow this year.

Clubs within the Glasgow and District can approach the Association with proposals for projects which require funding. The Glasgow and District Burns Association, on their part, will make an annual presentation to the Trust for funding for their projects and/or funding for projects for their sister clubs.

In addition, the Burns Clubs and other benefactors can still contribute funds to benefit the tenants old and new in Mauchline. Any donations which are made specifically for the Jean Armour Burns Houses will be seen to be spent on projects for the tenants in the Houses. Clubs and members are still welcome to visit the Houses.

To learn more about the aims and activities of the Jean Armour Burns Trust go to