PriscillaKucikStookieThe following letter arrived at the RBWF office this week and gave us a chuckle!!

Dated 2nd May 2015
In December of 1787, Robert Burns injured his knee in "so severely" by an "unlucky fall from a coach" that he "did not need the command of his friend Dr. Sandy Wood to confine him to his room and so forbid him to put his foot on the ground". (Snyder, p.265)

In December of 2014, President Priscilla J Kucik of the Robert Burns Club of Milwaukee, had two foot surgeries (in less than 24 hours), one an emergency one. She has had a cast up to her knee since December 20th and it will be a slow recovery. While Robert Burns continued to correspond from his house, Ms. Kucik doesn't have a computer, so her isolation is a bit more than Burns endured.

Although she was not hospitalized in the "Burns unit", the boring white cast was in dire need of artistic decoration. So, on the foot is the Alexander Reid miniature portrait of Robert Burns. Laced across the calf is her Clan MacLeod tartan ribbon, complete with garter and flashes on the side. She has attended three Burns Suppers in the area and the cast is appropriate to be worn with Scottish evening dress.

Aren't our RBWF members just wonderful!!