RBWF Governing Documents

An explanation

The Robert Burns World Federation Ltd. is a Charity and Company limited by guarantee. As such it has two important governing documents which define how it must operate. Firstly the Memorandum sets out the legal framework for the organisation and secondly the Articles of Association states how its structures and process for the Board of Directors is operated. We have combined these twin documents as one downloadable file. (See below)

Please click on the following link to view the RBWF Memorandum & Articles of Association:

RBWF Memorandum & Articles Combined Doc

Standing Orders of the Board of Directors

In addition to the above the Board of Directors adopts Standing Orders where the governing documents fall short or require future amendment. These Standing Orders have the full force of legality once formally adopted. They are usually circulated to members when they have been adopted.

Standing Order adopted on 22nd April 2020

Standing Order adopted on 26th April 2019

Standing Order adopted on 7th September 2018