Robert Burns Quiz

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At AyeScot we are developing a range of quizzes, which will stimulate your curiosity about Scotland, Scottish culture and the world around you.

Our first quiz is The Robert Burns Quiz app, the first interactive quiz designed to promote a real understanding of the works of Robert Burns, Scotland’s National Bard.

It’s aye appealing!


Scots is now an important part of the new school curriculum. What better way to engage with it than through the poetry of Scotland’s National Bard Robert Burns. Burns was a consummate master of the Scots language.

Our Robert Burns Quiz is a fun way of learning more about Scots vocabulary. It uses a simple matching concept to produce a fast paced quiz to assess how well you know your Burns.TAM WINDOW i

It’s great for adults who know, or want to know more, about Burns. Fantastic for young people in the classroom learning about Scots language.

The beautiful illustrations and poetry can be used as a follow up activity to learning experiences or as a means of discussing how Burns’ work makes us feel about the world, how he uses our Scots language and how Scots continues to be a vibrant part of our culture.

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Robert Burns Quiz

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