The National Finals for Secondary pupils took place at Dunfermline Academy on 20th April 2013. A huge thank you to our Schools' sponsor Tunnock's who made this all possible.
We were thoroughly entertained by a wealth of talent competing in Recitation, Instrumental, Singing and Bagpiping sections. Prizes were available in three age categories: S1-2, S3-4 & S5-6.

The results were as follows:

Category Placing Name Region
S1/2 Verse Speaking 1 Annie Bowes Edinburgh
2 Mathew Cameron RIABC
3 Cameron Kerr Ayrshire
S3/4 Verse Speaking 1 Finlay Murchie Ayrshire
2 Sean McKenzie SSCBA
3 Neve Cunningham Fife
S5/6 Verse Speaking 1 Andrew Ward RIABC
2 Cait Lennox Grampian
3 Kieran Nordon SSCBA
S1/2 Singing 1 Rachel Carstairs Grampian
2 Madeline Cawthorn Scottish Borders
3 Sophie Lafferty Ayrshire
S3/4 Singing 1 Annie Lennox Grampian
2 Anna Steen Perth & Kinross
3 Erin Parry Ayrshire
S5/6 Singing 1 Cait Lennox Grampian
2 Alana Crawford Ayrshire
3 Hannah Wissochi Fife
S1/2 Instrumental 1 Eryn Rae Scottish Borders
2 Madeline Cawthorn Scottish Borders
3 Ewan Dowie Fife
S3/4 Instrumental 1 Cavan Rodgers Scottish Borders
2 Iona Bonaventura SSCBA
3 Kyle Innes Fife
S5/6 Instrumental 1 George Davidson Grampian
2 Cait Lennox Grampian
3 Kieran Nordon SSCBA
S1/2 Bagpiping 1 Calum Brown Grampian
2 Ben Scott West Lothian
3 Shannon Gould West Lothian
S3/4 Bagpiping 1 Isla Stout Fife
2 Ewan Cameron Fife
3 Allan Purves West Lothian
S5/6 Bagpiping 1 Scott Barrie Ayrshire
2 Angelina Bojczuk SSCBA
3 Kirstin Walker Fife
Overall Best Pupil - Secondary
Verse Speaking Annie Bowes Edinburgh
Singing Annie Lennox Grampian
Instrumental George Davidson Grampian
Bagpiping Scott Barrie Ayrshire
Best Team - Secondary
Verse Speaking SSCBA
Singing Ayrshire
Instrumental Grampian
Bagpiping Fife
Overall Best Team - Secondary SSCBA
Best Instrumentalist
(Harry McGuffog Cup)
George Davidson Grampian
Young Burnsian Annie Lennox Grampian