Crieff Burns Club 115th Burns Supper
Crieff Burns Club 115th Burns Supper


The 115th Annual Burns Supper of the Strathearn Burns Club took place in Crieff Golf Club, attended by over seventy members and guests. Chairman Bill Clark welcomed the gathering and Piper Jamie Roddick led in chef Richard Collingwood carrying the haggis. Pete McCarra addressed the haggis with great vigour and evident feeling for the noble beast. Fiona Souter said the Selkirk Grace and the company then enjoyed another excellent golf club meal.
Once again Kenneth Maciver sang beautifully, accompanied by Edna Auld and they punctuated the evening’s programme with a fine selection of Burns songs. The toast to the Immortal Memory was proposed by Carl MacDougall, radio and tv presenter , and the author and editor of a wide range of Scottish fiction and poetry. Carl spoke with great knowledge about Burns and his letters, poetry and song and how this gave Burns a unique place as a national poet. David Sloan very much looked the part in his nightshirt and hat to give a superb rendering of Holy Willie’s Prayer, and Michael Kidd produced the highlight of the evening with his wonderfully paced and expressive account of ‘Tam O’ Shanter’.
Irwin Keith proposed the toast to the Lasses, treading tactfully with just the right amount of flattery, humour and worldly wisdom to stay on the right side of the ladies present. Ann Morrison had the last word in her very witty reply, and left the men in the audience agape to wonder ‘What can a young lassie do wi’ an auld man?’
Frank Strang rounded off the evening with sincere thanks to all concerned in ensuring the success of the Supper, and the company joined together singing ‘Auld Lang Syne’.

Photograph left to right:
Kenneth Maciver, Bill Clark, Ann Morrison, Carl MacDougall, Peter McCarra, Edna Auld, Irwin Keith, David Sloan and Michael Kidd.