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This year the festival is going to be online, due to lockdown.

Some Ideas in progress - Tam Breaks the Internet

To open the poster Tamfest - RBWF Poster

1. Where in the world is Robert Burns? Between the dates of 1st October and the 12th, people will be encouraged to use Twitter to send in a photo, details and location including GPS (where possible) of Statues of the famous Scotsman, Robert Burns or references to his work in physical form, using the hashtag #RabBurnsWorld

2. Lecturing Tam on the ABCs - To join in any of these lectures contact

Monday 5th October - 7pm - A. “In and Out of Tam o’ Shanter” Delivered by Jim Thomson - based on his book of the same name

Wednesday 7th October - 7pm - B. “Tam o’ Shanter; A Tale of its First Publication” Delivered by Bill Dawson - What drove Burns to compose the poem, the importance of the Tam story. 

Friday 9th October - 7pm - C. “Supernatural Burns” Delivered by Marc Sherland - Why was Robert Burns so obsessed with the spooky and the supra-natural?

3. Tam the Glorious - Saturday 10th October - Competition - An international  competition for the best ‘Glorious Tam’ recitation through use of Zoom. judged by RBWF International Director, Ronnie O' Bryne

Tamfest started in 2015 as Ayrshire’s premier family Halloween festival, but prompted by Lockdown the organisers are taking the opportunity to make it truly global by making it an internet sensation. Rooted in heritage and inspired by the apocryphal Tam o’ Shanter poem by Robert Burns, Tamfest is a festival unlike any other! 

Tamfest has grown into an enchanting experience for the entire family. Each year a line from the epic poem is chosen as the sub-theme to keep the festival fresh and offer new insight into the characters and explore the story of the Tam o’ Shanter. Tamfest is a spooktacular Halloween celebration with a Tam o’ Shanter twist. So join ghosts, ghouls and goblins all over the world and let’s celebrate.

Beginning activities and promotion via social media and the website starting in July and running through October up to Halloween. 

Involving RBWF, Burns clubs, associations and societies across the globe, there are several ways to do this. Social Media will play a major role as will the online Tamfest portal which is currently being developed to include their website :