The Hue and Cry of John Lewars--------
A poor man ruined and undone by Robbery and Murder. Being an aweful WARNING to the young men of this age, how they look well to themselves in this dangerous, terrible WORLD.--------

A THIEF AND A MURDERER! stop her who can!
Look well to your lives and your goods!
Good people, ye know not the hazard you run,
'Tis the far-famed and much-noted WOODS.----------

While I looked at her eye, for the devil is in it,
In a trice she whipt off my poor heart:
Her brow, cheek and lip--------in another sad minute,
My peace felt her murderous dart.

Her features, I'll tell you them over----but hold!
She deals with your wizards and books;
And to peep in her face, if but once you 're so bold,
There 's witchery kills in her looks.----

But softly--------I have it--------her haunts are well known,
At midnight so slily I'll watch her;
And sleeping, undrest, in the dark, all alone--
Good lord! the dear THIEF HOW I'LL CATCH HER!