Club News

Chairperson: Ailsa Stewart Ph.3444312
Secretary: Peter Williamson
Treasurer: Betty Ross
Committee : Fran Haira, I & B Henderson, J&J Hanna, Jean Farquhar, Neil Boyd, Dean Hyde, R & B McMillan, Keith Watson

Photo- by Bob Bryden 10th AGM

Our AGM went well, with 50 people there. Piping in of the Haggis by Terena Currey, made and addressed by Bill Cowan and there was enough to give us all a wee bit! Fran organised a lovely afternoon tea and we welcomed Rachel and Roger from St Pauls.

Jean Farquhar baked the cake and it was decorated by Betty Simpson. Many willing helpers helped set up for the day. Thanks to Sue Kumeroa for agreeing to help Jean with the library.

Jean & Betty's cake

Plans are already underway for our Burn'€™s Supper In January with Committee members already involved in the organisation. Your $20.00 subscription is now due. If you pay before the 30th November 2011 your supper ticket will be cheaper .

Coming Events

  • 25 Sep Burns Meeting, library 1.30pm, meeting 2pm.
  • 27 Nov. St Andrew's Day, library 1.30pm,meeting 2pm. Church service 7.00pm at the Methodist Church
    Wicksteed St.- social and supper to follow
  • 20 Jan 2012 Burns Supper, Kingsgate Hotel

When you get your 2012 calendar sit down and put a circle round the 4th Sunday of MARCH - MAY - JULY(AGM) - SEPTEMBER
and NOVEMBER (St.Andrew's Day). These will be our meeting days for next year at St Paul's Church Hall 1.30pm for Library, 2pm for meeting. The Committee will meet on the 4th Sunday of the alternate Months ie. February, April, June, August, October.

Library corner

DVDs: Red Rose - Robert Burns; Taggart, Video; Scotland the What.
Glasgow - various books
The latest Chronicles from the Federation
Authors: like Emma Blair, Lilian Beckwith, John Buchan, Robert Burns etc
The special edition of the Burns Federation Book is availabe only through Neil Boyd. See him to book in for it. We have a page in it.
Remember to return books and videos when you have read them.

Our September meeting promises to be an interesting afternoon. Ladies a plate please - gentlemen a gold coin thank you.

(Taken by mistake from AGM day 1 wooden tray !)

Sweet Tibbie Dunbar

O Wilt thou go wi' me, sweet Tibbie Dunbar ?
O Wilt thou go wi'€™ me, sweet Tibbie Dunbar ?
Wilt thou ride on a horse, or be drawn in a car
Or walk by my side, O Sweet Tibbie Dunbar?

I care na thy daddie, his lands and his money,
I care na thy kin, sae high and sae lordly:
But sae that thou'lt hae me for better or waur,
And come in thy coatie, sweet Tibbie Dunbar.

If you memorise this you could say it at afternoon tea!