WE'LL hide the Couper behint the door,
Behint the door, behint the door;
We'll hide the Couper behint the door,
And cover him under a mawn, O.------

The Couper o' Cuddy cam here awa,
He ca'd the girrs out o'er us a';
And our gudewife has gotten a ca'
That 's anger'd the silly gudeman, O.--
We'll hide &c.

He sought them out, he sought them in,
Wi' deil hae her! And, deil hae him!
But the body he was sae doited and blin',
He wist na whare he was gaun, O.----
We'll hide &c.

They couper'd at e'en, they couper'd at morn,
Till our gudeman has gotten the scorn;
On ilka brow she 's planted a horn,
And swears that there they shall stan', O.--------
We'll hide &c.