Year of The Haggis 2014

The Robert Burns W2014_Year_of_the_Haggis_logoorld Federation, with Headquarters in Kilmarnock, is identifying the year 2014 as the Year of the Haggis.

This initiative is in co-operation with the Scottish Federation of Meat Traders (SFMTA) and supported by sponsorship provided by Grampian Oat Products and Scobie & Junor.2014_Year_of_the_Haggis_sponsors

The announcement was made to Robert Burns World Federation Members attending the Annual General Meeting and Conference in Glasgow on Saturday 7th September 2013..

International representatives from Robert Burns Clubs in Canada, United States, Australia, New Zealand and a group from Norway were attending together with delegates from Scotland, England and Northern Ireland.

A range of associated activities are being planned which will include Burns Clubs, Makers of Haggis, and community involvement. The full programme will be announced in advance of St Andrew’s Day in November.

The number of Burns Suppers in Scotland alone has been estimated as running into thousands. Church organisations, many charities and fund raising causes, can be added on to Burns Clubs, Bowling Clubs, Golf Clubs, Rotary Clubs, Sailing Clubs, Masonic Clubs, Caledonian Clubs, Clan Societies, Schools and Colleges, Guilds, Groups and Associations, Councils and Conventions and a variety of other Clubs. Burns Suppers make a major contribution to charities.
Haggis, although mostly identified with Burns suppers is, for all reasons, a suitable food for all seasons and adds a touch of Scottish authenticity throughout the year.

Whether at Hogmanay, Burns Nights, St Andrew Celebrations, or whether ‘dining in’ or ‘dining out’ the call of the Haggis is irresistible

The year 2014 will have Scotland as a focal point for visitors from all over the world who are attending major events based in Scotland such as the Commonwealth Games, The Ryder Cup, the Commemoration at Bannockburn, all enhancing the year of Homecoming.

The members of the Scottish Federation of Meat Traders will be receiving a poster for display, together with a participation certificate, identifying them as suppliers of Haggis in this special year. They will be supplying their own unique brand of Haggis, many of them prepared by closely guarded secrets, and will be available for events throughout the year.